How do I get there?

Find our magical city of Pangaea by entering these coordinates in your GPS app of choice: 32.905766, -80.147063. This is the entrance to the venue. We're 2 miles off the highway, so you'll be following signs to the site. 

Once your arrive you can use this event map to find your way around. 

When can I get there?

Gate hours are Thursday (3/24) 10 am to 10 pm; Friday (3/25) 10 am to 10 pm; Saturday (3/26) 10 am to 5 pm. All participants must be off the property by noon on Monday (3/28). 

What do I need to bring?

Absolutely come with ...

  • Your ticket number 

  • Your ID that matches the name on your ticket

  • An unopened rapid COVID test

  • Be sure you have e-signed the waiver

These are what you must have to get into the event. 

You'll also need to come ready to be radically self-reliant as nothing is bought or sold at Emergence. You need to be ready to camp in a forest with no power or water for the length of your stay. Barring an emergency there are no ins and outs so don't expect to make a grocery run in the middle of your stay. While Emergence is not in the inhospitable Black Rock Desert (where Burning Man takes place) you may find this comprehensive list a good starting point

Also be ready to gift and participate - though your gift need not be a physical thing. The best gifts are often experiences!

If you feel so inspired, also bring aromatics, flowers, and candles for the Temple, as well as drums, rattles, and other music-making instruments for our ceremonies.  

What can't I bring or do?

  • No minors 

  • No pets (aka gator tots) - if you have a service animal please let us know you're bringing them

  • No swimming ("stay clear of open water")

  • No firearms

  • No fireworks

  • No outside firewood - there is wood on site for our use (an axe would be handy!)

  • No ground fires  (bring a fire pit if you want your own campfire)

  • No trampolines

  • No rebar or tent stakes without proper plastic caps (like these)


What's your COVID policy?

All participants will self-administer a rapid COVID test at the gate. We will not be requiring vaccinations. If you test positive we will honor your ticket for 2023. 

Does my name on my ID have to match the name on my ticket?


Yes, your ticket should be under the name that is on your ID. 

Will-Call names can be updated from your order confirmation page until the time sales end for the event (3/20), which you can access via the email confirmation from BPT. For more information and step-by-step instructions go here. Names on tickets with other delivery method, such as Print-at-Home tickets can only be changed by Brown Paper Tickets by emailing

Have you signed up for a volunteer shift (or 2 or 3)?

We are an all-volunteer run event and depend on everyone doing their part. Teamwork makes the dream work! Find your spot here.