1. Radical Self Reliance

    • Bring everything you need with you. There’s no water or electricity

    • No food vendors

    • Prefer / recommend you stay on site

  2. Radical Self Expression

    • Bring whatever magical gifts you have and want to share

  3. Communal Effort

    • This isn’t just a party – it will be work. Be prepared to work.

    • If you don’t feel like you’re doing more than your fair share, you’re probably not doing enough.

  4. Civic Responsibility

    • There aren’t many rules, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be a dick. Be aware and sensitive to others.

  5. Leave No Trace

    • Trash cans are not provided. You brought it in - you take it away with you.

    • Don’t bring things or do things that you can’t or won’t clean up afterwards. In particular, don’t bring glitter, confetti, Chinese lanterns, sequins or anything else that might ‘shed’.

    • Don’t leave cigarette butts around – bring your own container for them and take them away. Altoids tins are great for this.

    • NO OUTSIDE FIREWOOD. There is an abundance of wood available on site. This is a nature preserve and the caretakers wish to avoid contaminants. 

  6. Decommodification

    • Nothing will be sold on site, and we’d prefer not to see the exchange of money.

  7. Immediacy

    • Being here now is the best way to experience a burn. Use your phone as little as possible – maybe leave it in your car and forget about it.

  8. Gifting

    • It’s part of the experience to gift things to others – whatever you’d like to share. This might be food, a massage or an experience, costumes or accessories – whatever your imagination suggests.

  9. Radical Inclusion

    • This event is invitation only, so please don’t bring anyone not on the invite list.

    • However, as a principle we welcome anyone prepared to experience a burn – whatever political preference, gender, sexual preference, skin color, nationality, or taste.

  10. Participation

    • Get involved in whatever is going on. Don’t be a tourist. Bring your thing, or join in with others. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

  11. Consent

    • Respect for others starts with permission. Always make sure consent is given before acting – whether that is a hug, a photo, a gift or getting jiggy.