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Warning & Ban Policy


Members of the Emergence community may receive a formal warning letter or a formal ban letter from the Emergence Core (aka Board of Directors). Individuals may be banned from attending some or all Emergence events, or  barred from volunteering in some or all roles with Emergence.

The Core may issue an official warning or ban if a prospective participant:

  • Has a pattern of violating the Code of Conduct or Emergence policies, endangering the event or its participants’ safety

  • Has any single well-substantiated report of a serious violation of Emergence policies

  • Continues engaging in harmful behavior after receiving a Warning from the Core about such behavior

The Core may also choose to issue a ban for reasons not covered in this policy.

Informing banned individuals of their status

  • The Core will send an official letter or other form of written communication (depending on what information it has re means of communication) notifying the person of a ban specifying terms and duration.

  • If a person who has never attended any Emergence events is banned, they will be informed of the ban if they register for, purchase a ticket to, or attempt to attend an Emergence event.

When are people unbanned?

  • Bans are instituted for one year or indefinitely, as specified in the notification letter.

  • One-year bans end automatically at the end of the calendar year as specified in the notification letter; there will be no notification letter to signify the end of a ban.

  • The Core can choose to renew a one year ban, which will result in a new notification communication.

  • Individuals can appeal to have their ban lifted.

    • Appeal the ban directly to the Board:

    • Appeals will be handled at an upcoming scheduled Core meeting.

    • Only one appeal request per individual will be heard per year.

Appeals process

  • Banned individuals can appeal their ban directly with the Core.

  • Appeals will be handled at the next scheduled Board meeting.

  • Only one appeal request per individual will be heard per year.

Publishing bans

In cases where the Conduct Committee feels publishing a ban would benefit the Emergence community or other communities, it will recommend to the Core that such an announcement be made.

The Core will determine if and how to make any announcement. In the future a policy may be developed that specifically outlines this process.

Inquiries about banned individuals

Unless a ban has been published by the Core, Emergence does not provide information about whether a participant has been banned. However, any registered event attendee may inquire if any particular individual has registered or been ticketed for that event.  Email such requests to

Barring people from positions of responsibility

Emergence reserves the right to prevent someone from volunteering in particular capacities or any capacity.

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