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Awaken the Hive Mind

"From the heart's core we emerge, nourished in body and soul, ready for our next grand adventure. Behold—a star darts across the sky! A sign!  Perhaps together our journey continues, propelled by our hearts, gazing into the cosmos, our collective mind stirs from its slumber, awaken by magic and wonder.


Behold 'The Hive Mind,' a place where light, matter, sound, scent, thought converge and are collaboratively shaped into ineffable union with all.  A realm of magic, of collective consciousness. We are all part of something more!


To fully awaken the Hive Mind, we shed our masks, our fears, our grudges, our past while we open to acceptance, communion, and connection. Here, in The Hive Mind, unity reigns.  As we open to the vulnerability of this state of being, we experience the

magic that lies in the 'we.'


Returning to the present moment, we are invited to listen * and * participate in the enveloping sweet song singing on the wind - our part with all others compels The Hive Mind forward, dreamt in from our collective will and love."

Emergence 2024: Awaken the Hive Mind will take place April 18-21, 2024 at The Woodlands, just outside Charleston, South Carolina.  

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