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The Emergence Conduct Committee exists to handle situations requiring higher levels of confidentiality, personalized communication, extensive documentation, or detailed investigation. Other issues are resolved by the Board of Directors. (Physical hazards, such as unsafe art installations or fires, should be referred to Rangers.)

Report to Conduct Committee (report form here). (Note: Conduct Committee membership is anonymous.):

  • Any unwanted or non-consensual form of the following: intimidation, harassment, stalking, verbal or physical abuse, violence against people or non-consensual physical contact including unwelcome sexual interaction.

  • Non-consensual intoxication, with or without unwelcome physical or sexual interaction.

  • Abuse of power in an organizational position or other volunteer role relating to Emergence event(s)

Report to Board (

  • Abuse or neglect of Emergence or venue property, physical or otherwise, such as vandalism, theft of event property, abusing the ticketing process, or impersonating a lead or event organizers.

  • Disrespecting the community surrounding the event such as dumping trash in local dumpsters, trespassing, or repeated violations of the event’s sound ordinance.

  • Wanton, flagrant, or repeated disregard for one’s own safety or well-being, or the well-being of others, in a manner that demands the intervention of other participants, community members, volunteers or outside agencies, such as intervention by local law enforcement or fire department staff.

  • Repeated or egregious violations of any and all policies put in effect by event organizers.

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