What do I get for my ticket price?

You get 4 days in an enchanted land called Pangaea where you will find fellow wayfinders who, like you, thought it worth the effort and investment to see what we will create together. Emergence is a nonprofit event organized entirely by volunteers. All proceeds go to cover expenses and back out to the community in the form of art grants. 

How much are tickets?

Check back for 2023 ticket prices.  

What's your COVID policy?

Check back for our 2023 COVID policy.  

Does my name on my ID have to match the name on my ticket?


Yes, your ticket should be under the name that is on your ID (which you must bring, along with an unopened rapid COVID test). 

Will-Call names can be updated from your order confirmation page until the time sales end for the event (3/23), which you can access via the email confirmation from BPT. For more information and step-by-step instructions go here. Names on tickets with other delivery method, such as Print-at-Home tickets can only be changed by Brown Paper Tickets by emailing support@brownpapertickets.com

How do I transfer a ticket to someone else?

Brown Paper Tickets handles transfers. You can find instructions here

Where is the event?

Emergence will take place in a 20-acre area within a 6,000-acre private nature preserve on 2 fresh water lakes. It is a truly magical patch of earth 30 minutes from downtown Charleston. You'll get the coordinates when you get your ticket. 

What should I bring?

You'll need to come ready to be radically self-reliant as nothing is bought or sold at a Burn. You need to be ready to camp in a forest with no power or water for the length of your stay. Barring an emergency there are no ins and outs so don't expect to make a grocery run in the middle of your stay. While Emergence is not in the inhospitable Black Rock Desert (where Burning Man takes place) you may find this comprehensive list a good starting point

Also be ready to gift and participate - though your gift need not be a physical thing. The best gifts are often experiences!

How do I get involved before the event?

Want to co-lead a team or help with the Temple and Burndala pre-build? Or do you have something else in mind? Email us at ManyHands@EmergenceBurn.org

I heard Burning Man is a hedonistic rave, is that what I'll find at Emergence?

What you find at Emergence is up to you! The sacred and the profane, the hip and the square, the lusty and the celibate, the clothed and the cloth-less, the introvert and the extrovert, the mystic and the mathematician, the philosopher and the stone - and you! Bring your unique gifts to share and be celebrated. 

What's the deal with RV camping?

RV camping is allowed but there are no hook ups. If you're with a placed camp be sure we know you're bringing an RV so we can do our best to place you in an RV accessible area.