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Essential Information

Inspired by Burning Man, we gather to celebrate the magic of life in its infinite forms. We honor the Ten Principles: radical self-reliance (we provide portable toilets, the rest is up to you), radical self-expression, radical inclusion, decommodification (no money changes hands at the event), gifting, immediacy, communal effort, participation (no spectators), civic engagement and leave no trace (this is a pack-it-in-pack-it-out event).

Our One Rule is consent.


Coordinates to the venue


We recommend using Google Maps not Apple Maps. Here's a link that may help. Do not use the address on your ticket. It will not get you where you want to go. There will be signs, but they are not huge.

Be Ready at Gate

  • Please e-sign the liability waiver. Make sure anyone you bought tickets for did too. 

  • Have your ticket QR code ready. Take a screenshot to be sure. Gate will not match names to tickets.

  • Have your government issued ID showing you're at least 21 years old.

  • Gate hours for 2024 are: 10am-9pm Thursday and Friday, 10am-4pm on Saturday.

Ranger Hotline

(843) 302-2197 

Rangers are at Heart Core.

General Information

Know and honor the Ten Principles and the One Rule: Consent

1. Don’t be the reason we have to make more rules.

2. Absolutely no swimming or kayaking or fishing.

- it is part of our contract, so could jeopardize future events

- There is at least one 10ft+ gator in each lake

- Fishing attracts gators and trains them to be attracted to people


3. No dogs.
While we love them, please do not bring your dog. Certified service dogs are allowed, but must be indicated as such and registered beforehand.


4. Radical Self Reliance.
You’re out in the forest camping. Look after yourself, including:

- Water. Bring plenty of water to drink. There is no potable water on the Emergence site.
- Power. You will need to bring your own power sources–batteries, solar, generator. We won’t be able to provide it for you.
- Buddies. Find a buddy who will be able to watch out for your well being and be there for you if you need them.
- Ice. Will not be available on site. Bring what you need for the whole weekend.


5. Entry and Exit.

- Gate hours for 2024 are: 10am-9pm Thursday and Friday, 10am-4pm on Saturday and 10am Sunday for departure. The site must be clear by noon on Monday (strike volunteers excepted). 

-Out and In. Don’t plan to leave and then come back - it causes more work for Gate volunteers. This is a matter of civic responsibility. Returns can be organized in emergencies, so talk to Gate, but we don’t recommend spoiling your Emergence vibe with a trip back to the Default World.

- E-sign the liability waiver before you arrive at gate. Yes, we are repeating ourselves.

6. Vehicles

- Your ticket is also good for your car or RV. You do not need a car pass for Emergence.
- Gas powered bicycles, ATVs, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are not allowed inside the Emergence event during the event. (If it’s your means of arriving, that’s fine just leave it parked).

- All vehicle traffic must be kept to 5mph on the paths.

- If you are driving off the paths, drive no faster than walking pace.

- Please be extra careful of other camps, uneven ground, and fallen branches. Even better, find someone to walk beside your vehicle to spot for obstacles. 

- Please unload your vehicle and move to the parking lot, unless you intend to sleep in it. This will help keep our site beautiful. Enjoy forgetting about your car for a few days.

- Otherwise, please do not drive onsite (pre-registered art cars excepted).

- If you have mobility issues, find a Ranger or an art car who would love to drive you where you want to go. 


7. Dangers & Risks

- Falling branches. These are one of our biggest risks. Check your campsite for thin or rotten branches and don’t pitch your tent under them. Be vigilant on behalf of others.

- Alligators. There are likely to be several alligators in the two lakes. They will probably be docile, but no swimming is allowed and we recommend you take care when close to the lakeside.

- Fire Ants. There are highly likely to be nests on the site. Survey your camp area before you set up, and be careful where you sit. If you are stung then we recommend you go to medical. If you need help dealing with a nest come to Heart Core near Center Camp.

- Ticks & Lyme Disease. Ticks will be present on our land. Black ticks are the most common, while “LoneStar” ticks (recognizable by the white dot on their back) do not cause Lyme. To avoid getting bitten, use insect repellents containing DEET and permethrin (the latter is highly recommended), wear long pants and socks, and perform tick checks regularly and remove them promptly

- Other bugs. There will also probably be lots of mosquitos and other bitey insects, especially around dusk, so be prepared to cover up and use repellant.

- Falling/Tripping. The ground can be very uneven, and is strewn with branches, so we recommend sturdy footwear and taking care about where you walk. Stick to the paths if you can, bring a flashlight or headlamp when it’s dark. 

- Environment and Weather. Rain is possible so cover everything with tarps. Tie or stake everything down. The sun and heat can burn and dehydrate. Self care will go a long way.


8. Fire

- Camp fires in fire pits/barrels only.

- Do not bring wood. Wood from elsewhere can bring pests. There is a huge amount on site. 

- Do not leave your fire unattended.

- Do not put Whippets in the fire. They will explode. Please don’t do stupid shit that makes us make more rules.

-  Burns. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Safety will be managed by FAST. Volunteers for perimeter are needed - bring a different experience to your burn. Once the perimeter is down, the embers will still be hot so be aware of your footing.

- Fire Flow Arts. Please visit The Hive/Center Camp for your safety check, 2:30-3 Thursday through Saturday before you Flow.


9. Placement

- If you have placement you can find your location via the map. If you’re the first there, it will be marked with a flag with the name of your camp.

- Most sites are bigger than requested as trees and/or uneven ground means that not all of your designated area may be usable.

- You are free to extend your camping site in any direction, provided it does not encroach onto other designated areas or camps.

- Be sensitive to neighbors, especially as regards noise, space, view, vehicles/RVs and generators.


10. Your Campsite

- Please do not dispose of soap or toothpaste on the ground or in the lake water. 

- Rebar & tent stakes need to be capped to avoid trip & impalement hazards.

- No trampolines are allowed due to insurance requirements.

- This is an LNT event. During the event and before you leave, please check your campsite and surroundings for anything that doesn’t belong (“Matter Out Of Place” or MOOP).

11. ABSOLUTELY no firearms or fireworks

Download the Dust App

The event calendar and map are available on the Dust app! Download it here for iPhones and here for everything else. 

2024 Placement Map
Emergence Map.png
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