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April 20-24, 2023

Inspired by Burning Man, we gather to celebrate the magic of life in its infinite forms. We honor the Ten Principles - the emergent qualities that arose from a community of Bohemians, artists, anarchists and free-thinkers in the Nevada desert: radical self-reliance (we provide portable toilets, the rest is up to you), radical self-expression, radical inclusion, decommodification (no money changes hands at the event), gifting, immediacy, communal effort, participation (no spectators), civic engagement and leave no trace (this is a pack-it-in-pack-it-out event). 

This is not a festival (though it includes much festing!) - it is a co-created gathering where we explore what is possible when we let go of our programmed ideas of "how things are" and open our minds and hearts to the overwhelming potential of human creativity unleashed.

We are thrilled to see what we create together! 

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